ACA Reporting

Worried about the new ACA Reporting?
EmployeeMax has you “covered” !

Make ACA Compliance Easy

In a nut shell, any employer with 50 or more full time employees needs to provide a 1095-C to each employee starting with 2015, and file a 1094-C Summary form with the IRS.

EmployeeMax offers you the benefit of having us do your 1095-C and 1094-C forms. We have added a new screen for employee data, and modified the dependent screen to aid in the population of these forms. You can begin populating these screens now, or simply wait until year-end. We will send you an Excel spreadsheet that you can populate and we will load the data for you!

We Help You – Step-by-Step

  1. Determine ALE status
  2. Provide Form 1095-C to all ACA-defined full-time employees
  3. File 1094-C with the IRS (electronically if 250 or more 1095-Cs)
  4. Calculate employee eligibility for offer of health coverage
  5. Track cost of the coverage offered
  6. Track affordability of coverage offered to each employee
  7. Track every employee’s hours of service.

Three Packages Built to Fit Any Business


  • Ability to enter and track employee amounts/dependent coverage within EmployeeMax. (or loadable from a spreadsheet that you provide us in early December)
  • Basic Reporting capabilities that allow you to see all of these fields in excel for analysis:
  • Total Hours Worked, Start Date Of First Pay Period, End Date Of Last Pay Period, Number of Weeks, Number of Months, Avg Hours Per Week, Avg Hours Per Month
  • We produce both the Employee Copy and the Red IRS copy of the 1095-C and deliver it to you with a partially completed 1094-C for you to complete and file.


  • Everything in the Bronze package, plus the ability to have us load the Employee Amounts if you use our benefits tables for your Insurance Coverage
  • After supplying us with the answers to Part II of the 1094-C form, we will complete all of the data and file with the Red Copy of the 1095-C on your behalf.
  • Our team will help walk you through making any determinations you may have to make on employer and employee statuses.


  • Everything in the Bronze and Silver Packages plus a tie in with Integrity, our HR partner for one of their premium service levels.
  • Automated, ongoing 1094-C and 1095-C form capture
  • Electronic filing of 1094-C and 1095-C forms
  • Ability to make and track offer of coverage
  • Receive alerts and notifications to keep you in compliance
  • IRS notice resolution
  • Access to dashboards and reports to track employee eligibility, affordability and large employer status

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